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Electrical Engg

Electrical Engineering Department, established in the year 1959, is one of the oldest departments of Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology (formerly known as Central Polytechnic) Chandigarh. The present sanctioned intake in the First Year of Three Year Diploma in Electrical Engineering branch is 50. In addition to sanctioned intake, 5% seats are for Tuition Fee Waver Scheme and 4 seats are for Persons with Different Ability Scheme in the first year and 20% of sanctioned seats are filled through Lateral Entry Scheme in second year. This department has also been running FOUR YEAR PART TIME DIPLOMA (PTD) for working employees since the year 1974-75. The present sanctioned intake in First Year of Four Year PTD is 25 and 20% of sanctioned seats are filled through Lateral Entry Scheme in second year of PTD
The diploma is awarded by the Punjab State Board of Technical Education and Industrial Training, Chandigarh.The department has been imparting quality education at Diploma level. The faculty members have been active in teaching and research activities. The course curriculum is being revised by the affiliating authority from time to time so as to keep abreast with the latest developments and emerging technologies. Various departmental laboratories have been strengthened and modernized by procuring state of art equipments. The department is equipped with the latest experimental and computational facilities for taking up R&D and consultancy activities in different areas of electrical engineering. This department has produced more than 2000 diploma engineers till date.
The department of Electrical Engg. used to modernize its machinery & equipments from time to time as per the requirement of curriculum and the need of industry & other Govt./Semi Govt. Organizations. Adequate facilities are provided for the training and upliftment of the students.

  • The department of Electrical Engineering has young, energetic, well qualified, experienced and dynamic staff.
  • We have sufficient space, class rooms and seating capacity for the trainees.
  • The department has adequate and excellent teaching aids/internet facilities.
  • Reputed companies are visiting for campus interviews on account of quality training provided by the department.
  • The students of this department have got jobs in many Govt./Public sector organizations such as Power Grid, State Power Corporations, Electricity Boards, NHPC, NTPC, BSNL,etc. in addition to private sector and self employment.
  • The department imparts excellent facilities to community and general public.
  • This department follows transparent and flexible procedures in academic and administrative activities of the institution.
  • Department has better teacher student ratio.

Laboratories in Electrical Engineering Department

S. No.
Name of Lab.

Major Equipments


EE Lab. 1 Basic Elelectrical Engg. Lab
Exp. Boards (Thevenin’s theorm and Norton’s theorem), Frequency meter, Potential transformer, demonstration voltmeter (MC) (0-10v), demonstration ammeter (MC) (0-10A) D’Arsonval Galvanometer, Demonstration AC volt meter.


EE Lab. 2 Electrical Machine Lab.
3 phase,induction motor without starter, 3 Phase Slip ring induction Motor Without Starter, 2KW, DC Series Generator with DC shunt motor,DC series motor (without starter) DC compound motor with starter, Single phase capacitor starter motor,Repulsion Motor, Motor generator Shunt generator with squirrel cage induction motor, Totally enclosed 3 phase, motor with star delta starter, M-G set DC compound motor – DC Compound Generator, Induction motor- DC Compound Gen. Synchronous. Motor (Damper Winding) DC Generator (Salient Pole) Synchronous panel, 1Phase AC Motor.


EE Lab. 3 Electronics Lab.
Power Supply, Simpson Oscilloscope,
Transistorized Power Supply Wire wound rheostat PN Junction Diode characteristics board.
Filler Circuit Exp. Board.
Emitter follower ckt. Board.
Rectifier Circuit Exp. Board.
Zener Diode characteristics Board. Common Base Transistor. Push-pull Amplifier Board.
Emitter Follower Board.
Clamping ckt Board.
Digital Multi meter 4 ½ digit, CRO 20MHz, Triac characteristics, Single phase half controlled full wave rectifier SCR characteristics kit LDR Triac operated switch, V-I Characteristics of Zener diode,NPN/PNP transistor amplifier.


*EE Lab. 4 Electrical Power /*PLC Lab.
Oil Testing Set, Megger, Earth Tester, Different types of relay.


*EE Lab. 5 Electrical Engg. Computer Lab.
HP 8000 series Desktop computers Digital logic trainer kit8-bit D/A converter kit Full adder kit Half adder kit. 8085 microprocessor kit8086 microprocessor kit.


EE Lab. 6 Electrical Workshop
Multi meter, Meggar.
Fans of various type with one having solid State speed regulator:
Ceiling fan ,Table fan, Exhaust fan
Desert cooler. 
Electrical Appliances: Electric Kettle, Electric Iron, Electric Toaster Immersion rod, Room Heater, Mixer cum grinder, Heater Wire wound type, Electrical Oven, Washing Machine
Miniature Circuit Breakers(MCBs)
Electric Lamps:
Mercury  Vapour Lamp, Sodium Vapour Lamp, Flourescent  Lamps, Halogen Lamp, Filament Lamps, Emergency Light
Screw Driver Set
Long Nose Pliers 
Ball Paean Hammer 
Bench Vice 
Soldering Iron